С Новым Годом!

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  1. Когда ж я получу в подарок такого зайца, побегайца!
    Я не про Лешку… Хотя его тоже можно, в нагрузку к зайцу…

  2. «What is difesrpectsul is to reject facts (e.g., their reported East Asian mtDNA affiliation) because they don’t conform to your ideal of the Tarim mummies as racially pure».And the facts are that the Caucasoid Loulan Beauty and Ur-Adam should be depicted as Mongoloid Half-breeds although they are anatomically not so?

  3. I remember last year’s video which your mother enabled me to see as an online “garden” friend. I wondered if it were possible to ever see anything so put together,so professional that also tugged on the heart strings of “personal”, as what I viewed that day. But, today I have…again… You are mystical in capturing the right moments, the right expressions. Makes me want to load my entire family up in a bus and come to you for pictures! Thank you for making this slide presentation. I feel honored to view it..Jeanie Merritt

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